Corporate Videos can range anywhere from 2 to 30 mins. In a short film, we can assist you in displaying your company’s capabilities and credentials to help enhance your virtual presence. Every successful company knows you must advertise and reinforce your company’s logo, image, and presence constantly to your potential clients and customers. We will provide you with an economical production that will have the aesthetics of any top notch broadcast quality production. We can offer anywhere from 1080P to new format of 4K at reasonable rates.

Video Editing

Sound Editing

DVD/Blu-ray Authoring


Video Editing

Video editing is the process of editing segments of motion video production footage, special effects and sound recordings in the post-production process. IMC has over 10 years experience with video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro. We have the ability to work on immediate and long-term projects at the same time.

Audio Editing

Record audio from one or more inputs and store recordings in the computer's memory as digital audio. Edit the start time, stop time, and duration of any sound on the audio time line. Fade into or out of a clip (e.g. an S-fade out during applause after a performance), or between clips (e.g. crossfading between takes). Mix multiple sound sources/tracks, combine them at various volume levels and pan from channel to channel to one or more output tracks. Apply simple or advanced effects or filters, including compression, expansion, flanging, reverb, audio noise reduction and equalization to change the audio. Conversion between different audio file formats, or between different sound quality levels



DVD / Blu-Ray Menu Authoring



Wedding Videography:

We capture the special moments of the day and make sure you see it all.  We customize every package to your preference.


Event Videography:

Whether it’s a kindergarten graduation, a birthday party, a family reunion, anniversary party, religious event or a retirement party, you will want to remember every precious second.


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